Hi, I’m Elma- aka Elle/ Ellie. A Tanzanian, well East African native residing in Seattle Washington. 

I am a woman of a few titles & my most favorite one is being Prince’s mama! I also pride myself in being a mompreneur, freelance makeup artist, & a lover of people. 

The beauty industry is one that I’ve always gravitated towards, as long as I can remember. I've been surrounded by beauty my whole life, the beauty of people that is. I solely believe that people’s uniqueness makes them beautiful first, and enhancing it with makeup or showcasing it through fashion is just a bonus. I love how, as people, we are able to express ourselves- and through that is how I learn, how I’m inspired, & how I grow. 

In July 2017 I released my own makeup brushes the Ellierosé rose gold oval makeup brush set. The idea to launch my own brushes came after my son was born. I found myself being a stay at home mom who searched for her individuality (for those who may not know being a parent/spouse requires so much). I was inspired by the beauty & strength of motherhood. 

My goal here is to be as transparent as possible. I feel that it’s quite important to have an idea of who I am, even without having to personally “know me.”  

Featured Product

The Ellie Rosé is a 10 piece oval brush set is a beauty must-have. These luxurious brushes (made out of synthetic hair) not only add glamour to your beauty collection.